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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 1, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. >> pretty good rain in the north bay, is this a one and done or is there more on the way. oakland police continue to investigate a tragic shooting and we will bring you the very latest. it is going into the books, the new bay area effort to help the victims of sandy. ktvu channel 2 morning news
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continues. welcome to a brand-new day t- the first day of november, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. let's check in with steve paulson. very mild conditions you too, we are near 50 degrees for some. it is even raining in tahoe and i would say from oakland to santa clara, otherwise highs in the 60s. obviously wet weather is going to make the commute little tougher -- a little tougher this thursday. it is 880 westbound and it is getting crowded as we move through emoryville, 6:01 let's go back to the desk. we have tough truck driving
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conditions after the wet weather overnight. we are in san leandro where a driver was arrested after crashing into a power powell, tara? >> reporter: the chp says he has crashed into a power pole and the wires go right through the tree there. down at the bottom you can see it snapped off at the base and this will take a long time to fix. also wires are snagged along the street here cutting often electricity to sam of this. the suspect drove off and after four miles officials pulled him over. they called in chp and the man who appears to be in his 30s and 40s was arrested on suspicion of dui. we just spoke to a pg&e
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spokesperson and they say it's going to be an all day job. people are not going to have their power for some time. they are trying to fix the problem and it looks like they will have to replace the pole. chp officers are here with the flares trying to make sure it rained. if you live in a san leandro area, the rain has created slick conditions on the roadway so make sure you are aware of that. live in san lorenzo. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a fatal shooting inside of a cell phone store. here is new details on exactly what happened. brian? >> reporter: dave good morning,
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we are here at international boulevard and as you can see behind me, this is the market seller metro p.s. cell phone shop. what happened was he got calls of gunshots and a man was shot in the torso. >> reporter: when paramedics arrived, they could not revive him and he was pronounced dead at the scene. several people tell us he was the owner of the store and very well-liked. they also said he would be helpful to community members helping people out for years and lots of people as you can see in the video are very upset. as soon as we do we will pass
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on the information. the ktvu channel 2 morning news. the jersey shore he knows and loves may be a thing of the past. there is too much damage and rebuilding it like it was might set up for another disaster. power outages forced many gas stations to close and they are running out. >> you can see people strike to get onto the bus. but taking transit is free today to help people get back into work. flights are headed back to la guardia airport and new jersey has three major airports, la guardia jfk and another airport as well. they are trying to help out
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storm victims. jeanine della vega is live in san jose with details, jeanine? >> reporter: during the next 30 minutes, a man from morgan hill is there to help victims. his name is mow and they are heading to the east coast. so far 47 people from the bay area and santa cruz can't ters have left to provide help. we will have some fixtures and with the -- pictures and with the widespread flooding the shelter are being run by the red cross. after seeing pictures of this devastation, he is eager to help these victims. >> it is she regard to see it, your heart does out to people
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who are involved. >> besides that people are asking if they can donate blood and while donations are up 2 5% in the bay area red cross is still encouraging people to give blood. back out here live, i just got off the phone with a red cross volunteer who is currently in new jersey at a shelter and she was able to tell me with last night being halloween, the kids at the shelter were still able to join it and they were able to take their minds off is the devastation even if it was just for a might. president barack obama gets back on the campaign trail and they are focusing on the super
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storm. mitt romney meantime campaigns in virginia and coming up at 6:15 the controversy calm -- controversial campaign that attacks president barack obama from the bailout. how are the roads out there? >> well, incase you have not looked tside or incase you are turning on the television, let's go outside and take a look at what we have. yesterday this at this time it is going to be much more of a normal day getting in and out of san francisco and that goes for transit as well. san mateo bridge, you can see it is wet on the roads there, not bad traffic as you head over to the peninsular. and this morning in the silicone valley, northbound
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101, we are off to a nice start getting into the west valley you may want to take advantage of your opportunity, let's go to steve. >> san jose didn't get that, clearing tonight and we'll see that fog form willing. it went into the north bay and stalled out. it is really starting to weaken. an inch and a half as well, almost an inch and a half. fort brag and middletown, 1.04 and there will rsome rags you may get.
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battle bad, i saw about a third of an inch and there is not testimony of of this system. it is mild on the temperatures 50s to 60 degrees and any sun will give us low 70s and there is too much cloud cover, there is already a few breaks as this system get out of the areas. maybe partly sunny skies, morning rain or a few low 70s. the trend be testimony thick -- trend will be thick fog and we can use that extra hour as we fall back next week. the real booms were out, how much confetti fell during the parade but who is paying for the parade and the other expenses. prop 30 is taking their
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message to the streets this morning. and we have new reports of a sex fantasy league at the high school.
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. welcome back, we have new information about a claims of a sexual competition among athletes. reports of a sex fantasy league
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where athletes earn points may have been exaggerated. many of a alleged incidents may have involved some making out but not sexual activity. there has been a break-in a case where it happened five months ago. and police say he and the victim 25-year-old anna flores was in a relationship and her body was found in the trash can along the road on may 24th. stockton police say she was reported missing in june. president barack obama gets back on the campaign trail today as allison burns reports, he is making up for lot of time and going to critical swing states with just five days until election day. >> reporter: the president is expected to come out swinging today, wisconsin and nevada, as
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president barack obama dealt with the federal hurricane response, mitt romney softened his speech avoided direct attempts but they are targeting ohio for criticizing president barack obama for the auto bailout. >> reporter: the head of chrysler issued a statement saying it's not shifting jobs to china and the president's team has been out in force refuting the ad. >> in the last few hours with this campaign they have become truly desperate. he is standing by the ad in virginia. reporting live, allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. well several people have already voted and you are
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looking at video for early voters in maryland. some of the states are already releasing those who are voting and 2. 7 million people have already voted 2. 73 for the democrat and 41% for republicans. they are taking their message to freeway overpasses this morning. in just about 45 minutes they are shrinking banners and they are urging commuters to vote for prop 30. if passed they would raise income taxes on people earning more than $250,000 a year. if it fails it would trigger education cuts. a new school and 48% of voters
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say they will vote yes on proposition 30 down 4 -- 54% on proposition 30. now the poll shows support for molly's alternative proposition 28 and that's down 46% from july. several will vote no on that one and 48% say they are undecided. san francisco police are releasing photos of people suspecting photos right after the giant's world series. they hope somebody out there can identify the men involved and they are wearing giants outfits and number one you can see they are smoking a cigarette. they arrested gregory tyler in a van rich case and cell phone videos show him smashing the windshield of that muni bus.
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22 were taken into custody going into a giant celebration and more than half were arrested for public clung endest. the giants are picking up the tab. workers schedules were also changed to cut down on overtime. many fans have heeded the warnings to take mass transit and they are recording mass transit and they carried 55 3,000 passengers shattering the old record set during the 2010 parade. the ridership more than doubled during wednesday's commute. >> a memorable day.
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>> yes. you should rather where you have to go, tell everybody to be careful. >> hopefully your tires are sprayed. let's look at interstate 880 and it is getting crowded in vallejo. we have pockets of slowed traffic in oakland and to the bay bridge toll plaza and this is the time when it gets filled in and we have a 15 minute delay before you get on to the bridge. if you are driving in the south bay, this traffic is beginning to get slow on northbound 101 from the 680 interchange and traffic is moving along well on 680 but 580 is a big mess. that means you are behind schedule coming in from tracy to livermore, let's go to
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steve. we have our system moving in and from livermore to san jose, there is always a lot of cloud cover. by the time this is done that fog will be forming. for those of you who look out side, forecast models have been absolutely on the money looking out 9 and 10 days. this system was called last week and pam has been giving me grieve ever since. 86 / 100th in santa rosa, palo alto 2 / 10th out to concord as well. there is really not much left and you can see it is thinning out and 60 in fso and mountain
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view, 57 in livermore. our system does not have much left, there are already some breaks in it. 60s on the temperatures, not much cooling behind this. sunny and warmer, we set our clocks back and monday it is even warmer. >> and there are company stocks to watch this morning, apple closed with a three month low. investor reaction to the shake up and mobile software architects had a close friend with steve jobs and his departure sparked new questions about internal conflicts but after he announced it and he
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says quote, it would make a great acquisition and he hopes to speak with ceo may have being -- hastings very soon. a four-month old baby dies at a childcare center, this is what investigators have been told, coming up. trying to clear the air at a half time show, we have a spooky problem on halloween night.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, time now 6:24, an autopsy has been completed on a baby who died at a daycare center but there is still no idea how he died. the four-month old was found unresponsive on october 23rd. the daycare owner said the baby never woke up from a knap. firefighters rushed him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. the coroner is looking into that death. they are dealing with state budget cuts and east county residents are now dealing with this and it will take longer to get a decision on child custody
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and more cuts are looming. pittsburgh juvenile law is assigned to diaz and in january the courthouse will be shut down and cases will be transferred to walnut creek. it is the start of spare the air alert. over the next four months, weather conditions will create concerns about air pollution. it is the largest source and a record 15 spare the air alerts were issued last winter. well there was an indoor alert, a fog machine went off during the houston rockets. nobody was hurt and palo alto natives, jeremy lynn had 12 points and the rock cots won -- rockets won 195-96. how is it in the south bay? >> well, it's okay we are
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looking at the 280 interchange with 880 and they are using that to get to the west santa clara valley and this is north downtown and traffic is moving along okay. there is a little bit of wet weather and either it just rained or it is raining now you can tell by how wet the roads are and steve will talk about that in just a moment. we had an earlier crash and on highway 4, we already have that traffic heading for pittsburgh. let's go to steve. we have the rain moving through discuss mountain and -- cruz mountain and it is finally moving south. the rain will end at about 8:00 or 9:00 partly sunny skies later and 60s on the temperatures, pam. coming up, a halloween
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nightmare, how two bay area children were hit while trick or treating in the pouring rain. we will tell you how it happened and why crews say it will take a long time to get electricity stored. we take you live to the opening bell up next.
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. right on time, that is the port authority and police officers are ringing the opening bell and nasdaq, it is instrumental as people are heading back up to work this morning and on the nasdaq they are celebrating november it is
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a charity that raises men's awareness in early detection and diagnosis. you musted a mustache. we will say good morning to you on ktvu channel 2 morning news, it is a thursday, i am dave clark. roads are wet this morning and they are dangerous for you drivers and tara moriarty is in san lorenzo to tell us about a crash. >> reporter: you can see it snapped at the base where a suspected drunk driver smashed into it and the power has been cut off to this block. that is about 4 dozen customers with no electricity throughout the day. this poll needs to be
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completely replaced. it happened shortly before 4:00 this morning. alameda sheriff's deputies say it was a hit-and-run and the suspect is running off and within four miles, officials ran him over. they called in a chp and a man who appears to be in his 30s and 40s was arrested on suspicion of dui. you can see the traffic lights are out and you can see with the flares people are here to make sure they slow down especially with this rain so very slow going and everybody that is stop with these three streets no order to make these necessary turns and it will be like this for most of the day. i am tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. and somebody is in the hospital after being hit by immune any bus -- muni bus. we just checked with san
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francisco police and at this point they do not have any updates on the victim's condition and they say that the crash is still under investigation. also this morning we learned two children hit in across walk are expected to survive. we have more on what led up to this incident that hit two trick or treaters. >> reporter: that is right, pam, this four-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl, this is the crosswalk right behind me and if you take a look at this roadway it is wide but there are residential neighborhoods on either side of it. they were coming from one side of this road to the other side and we have more details about what happened. apparently we come across but adults saw police just like this one that is coming at us
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right now. and you are now looking at video from right after when this crash happened and you can see it was raining at the time and the candy is all over the roadway. police at this point tell us the driver is is cooperating and they don't believe alcohol or drugs were involved. they are not saying whether weather played a roll in this and they are asking if anybody who may have seen this accident was around at that time and if they have any information to give them a call. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. in overnight news, investigators are investigating a fatal accident on halloween night. we are told a driver was killed on todd road around 7:30 last night. the identity of the driver has not been released and they are not saying what caused that crash. here is the latest on the east coast and millions still
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have no power and damage is in the billions. the recovery from that super storm is going to take a long time. that now stands at 74. it is running as high as $55 billion and some new york city subways, those platforms are not crowded yet. and to downtown brooklyn, and new york and new jersey are top priorities. speaking of new jersey, it is in coastal areas where tourists are spending a lot of money and we will have more on how much new jersey will lose. they are warming people about scammers looking to help victims of super storm sandy, if you want to give, give to
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disaster relief charities and find a relief charity not just helping other charities. scam artists use names that sound legitimate and similar to other groups. a nursing strike is about to get underway in several hospitals in the bay area. they are proposing changes for sick leave and what nurses call a reduction in patient car starbucks standard. and eaten medical center in caster valley and vallejo. replacement nurses have been hired. police are searching for suspects in a double shooting which happened just blocks away. one man was seriously hurt and
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he had been shot in the head and another man had been graced. the shooting a peered to be related to the shooting. -- the shooting appeared -- appeared to be related to something more. they are celebrating the giant's victory. there is the manager bruce bochy bringing out the trophy itself in city hall and there was mayor ed lee presenting the sweep. one by one giants players thanked the fans for their support. >> we want to -- we went to st. louis they were not as loud as you and quite frankly nobody
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was as loud as you. >> the two hour ceremony ended with this. >> tony bennett sinking i left my heart in san francisco. >> and on our website, you can see even more video including more interadvice. we have -- interviews. we have driving on san rafael and 101 and it was very crowded with people getting into the city and today it's more like normal traffic with a little bit of slowing nothing major. we have a backup of about 15 to 20 minutes and you will see it
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get a little bit better. northbound 101 as you drive to the san jose area, it is slow and we had a little flooding. if you drive to santa clara valley it will be drizzling let's go to steve. cloudy sun, very mild air mass, rain was good to the north, and at least it made it, made it all the way to san jose. thick fog forming and there is our system, it developed with a little bend in the clouds and it slowed down and just decided to park itself, it took a long time and some locations didn't get rain until after the hour.
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it is almost an inch and a half and an inch in fort brag. petaluma 33 quarters and two continues, that is -- there is not much and temperatures are near 60 degrees. our system moves through and this will ride up and over and clip us. maybe to the north but there is radar beams, still some santa clara valley closer to the radar beams, and it ends up being this friday and next friday and it will be warmer early next week.
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pam, dave? four people were shot at usc, it happened at a halloween party, we wi tell you what may have triggered that and also about the lockdown. people are remembering a popular oakland business owner, we will tell you what they had had say. give yourself some extra time driving into downtown san jose.
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. welcome back to the news news, there he is -- ktvu channel 2 morning news, there he is president barack obama is right on cue. this is the base in maryland, president barack obama is getting ready to head out to wisconsin, the first of three campaign stops and he will also campaign in nevada and colorado and he is resuming after canceling events to focus on federal response as president barack obama heads tonight air force one. here is a look at some of the top stories we are following. in san lorenzo, a hit-and-run crash knocked out power to
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dozens of questions. chp is out there directing traffic on those wet roads and you probably will not get the power back until later today. they did arrest a driver whose car hit two small children while kids were trick or treating in the rain. the 10-year-old and four-year- old are expected to survive and we are not sure if the driver will face any charges. and a driver took off, we will help the storm victims on the east coast. they say people in the bay area have really stepped up to the plate to help storm victims and donations are up about 25 percent. what more on the -- we have more on the affect of the storm, lots of people are still
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stranded in hoe woke ken and the jersey -- hoe woke ken, -- hoboken. >> reporter: it is the kind of community where homes are passed down from parent to child where kids will chase turtles and parents would sit on the deck until the sun sets and it will be a long time before they return to that ideal lick environment there. somebody who rode out the storm said it was a full on attack of these homes. you can see desks are ripped away and the inside of the home is exposed. there is nothing else around it or beneath it and inside you
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can see clothes hanging in the closet and the water came up from underneath the home and it just blew that floor to nothing. we spoke to the resident who watched it all and they say it was like a series of hollywood explosions and it just bursted through the homes with incredible force what is left behind is a mess and many are wondering how long it will take to clean it up. they are wondering if it will ever look like it once did. there is a debate on what bulkheads and what measures will be put into place today is the first day that people in this state cannot apply for federal assistance. certainly ,it just an amazing devastation and we will continue to follow that update. four people have been
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rushed to the hospital after a shooting at a halloween party on a usc campus. police say the shots were fired after two men who apparently have no connection to the school. and three people are celebrating in hollywood. there was a large crowd right near the hollywood walk of fame. a 17-year-old boy is in critical condition and two others were less seriously hurt. they took at least three people into custody after that shooting. oakland police are searching for a killer inside of a east -- an east oakland cell phone store. brian you just spoke with neighbors, what are they saying? >> neighbors are visibly upset and i will just step aside here. this is the marcus cellular on
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the east oakland on the 9200 of east oakland boulevard. the shooting happened at 7:30 and when par met particular a arrived, we still don't know the name of the victim. they say he was the owner of this store and he was very well- liked and it's a tragedy that this happened to him. they say he ran the business for several years and lots of people as you can see in the video are visibly upset and a few people came up to us and are talking about a lot of good things as well. take a listen. >> you could always step in and talk to him, whether it was a
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cell phone or something personal. >> he was very nice man, i don't understand why anybody would want to hurt him because he was a very great guy. >> again, we have heard that from several people and a lot of people are showing their grieve, just as you are out here live and leaving a candle as well. we don't know still trying to get word from oakland police. live here from east oakland channel 2 news. and certainly the roads still have some wet spots and still congested in some spots. >> when it is dark it is harder to drive and let's go out and take a look at the commute. it has been raining there recently and it is getting into the downtown west rally.
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you will see some wet roads and bay bridge plaza is backed up for a 15 minute delay. there is a little bit of dicey driving because of that wet weather, let's go to steve. our system is moving through and rain is winding down, santa cruz mountains and anything north of that is light. cloudy skies, forecast has some morning rain and most of this is done and on its way out of here and this is iting in felt week. our system didn't come in until after midnight and in san jose we had to wait until this morning. there are a lot of holes in that system and it is splitting between the santa cruz mountains and santa clara
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valley. fort brag an inch of rain and middletown and most locations picked up about three quarters of an inch and santa rosa up to petaluma and our system again, you can see focusing and that's where the rain is moving through. so, soming that rain 50s to 60 degrees and high pressure will slowly build in and near 60s to 70s and it would not take much to get up to 68. some afternoon sun, days will be dryer and sunny and warmer, set your clocks back and it will be sunny next friday. a possible solution to a smelly problem for bart. what happened to clear the air
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for commuters. >> is he here? >> his story is quite an amazing one. he encountered a great white. how he said he fought off the shark.
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when i see that our schools are 47th in spending per student, i just can't accept that. our schools shouldn't be 47th in anything. proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38... because it makes our children #1.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news a look at the big board, dow jones
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industrial average up 120 points, a lot of good numbers to talk about, exxon beat them and so did costco. chrysler announced u.s. sales rose 10% and they sold 126,000 cars and suvs, it is the best october in five years and that's despite losing the last five-days to sandy. total u.s. auto sales are expected to learn more. he said he took his fist and punched the shark in the head to make him let go. he told the story from his hospital bed. he said a great white shark grabbed him by his side and pulled him under water. he has a 14-inch bite wound,
6:57 am
pulled him under water and he fought back. >> i punched the shark on the side of the head a couple of times until it released me. >> three surfers drove him to the hospital and he has tissue which helps. >> now he wants to put up the rain, the wind and some homeless people who would did he have kate on the -- who would go potation the escalators. -- potty on the escalators and it got so bad head to call in hazmat. the rain is moving to the south bay and it is going to be a little bit trouble driving. we have a backup that is steep there and there are no major
6:58 am
problems on the bridge. it is a 15 minute delay and there is slow traffic on 101. now let's go to steve. our system is still winding its way east and south and it weakens so heaviest rain is on mornings on 2. temperatures or upper 50s to near 60 not much rain is left, santa cruz mountains, 60s are the highs today. a frightening halloween crash injured children, it happened while they were trick or treating. suspected power in one east bay neighborhood, the reason it will take a long time to get the lights back on, we will be right back.
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